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Renishaw’s new Virsa Raman analyser

22 October 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

Renishaw’s Virsa Raman Analyser is a fibre-optic-coupled Raman spectroscopy system designed for remote analysis. It enables the expansion of applications of Raman spectroscopy to a new range of samples and environments beyond the confines of a laboratory Raman microscope. The system includes a spectrometer with one or two internal lasers—the dual excitation option enables the user to avoid fluorescence by switching between wavelengths at the touch of a button. Users also have a choice of Video Fibre Probes (VFPs): the VFP10 for general and bulk sampling and/or the VFP20C for high spatial-resolution confocal measurements. Renishaw-supplied VFPs can be used separately or stacked to share a common objective lens to enable concurrent analyses at different laser wavelengths.

The Virsa Raman Analyser has a modest footprint. It can be used on a benchtop or mounted in an industry standard 19" rack providing a transportable option. The Virsa Raman Analyser supports a range of third-party probes. It can also be integrated with third-party systems, enabling users to analyse samples using two or more techniques at the same time without having to transfer them between instruments. Additional sampling options are also available, including the SB100 three-axis probe positioner, immersion probes and macro sampling kits.