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Raman system for forensic analysis

13 May 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Renishaw has introduced the inVia™ InSpect, a new version of the inVia confocal Raman microscope optimised for use in forensic laboratories for trace evidence analysis. Forensic science covers many disciplines because evidence can take many different forms. This means the typical forensic laboratory is home to a range of analytical systems. Renishaw has designed the inVia InSpect Raman microscope to complement these technologies. It can be used in isolation to analyse samples that cannot be examined fully using other techniques, and it can also be used with them to obtain more detailed chemical information. The inVia InSpect can identify materials that may be difficult or time consuming to prepare. For example, hard crystalline powders, ceramic shards and glass chips can all be easily analysed with virtually no preparation. The InSpect’s confocal Raman capability allows the analysis of complex structures containing layers, voids or inclusions. Upgrade options are available for more specialist forensics applications.