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New compact FT-IR spectrometer

6 October 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

Bruker has launched the Alpha II, the latest in the Alpha series of compact FT-IR spectrometers. The Alpha II features fully-automated test routines for operational qualification (OQ) and performance validation (PQ), as well as developments in its temperature-stabilised detector and high-quality IR source technology. The Alpha II has an optional, industrial grade touch panel PC and OPUS-TOUCH touchscreen software for easy and intuitive use which features built-in routine application workflows.

The ALPHA II is equipped with an IR source that utilises Bruker’s CenterGlow™ technology guaranteeing a constantly high intensity and a life-time of at least five years. CenterGlow™ optimises the location of the glowing area within the source to maximise the light flux. The detector of the ALPHA II is temperature-stabilised. A wide range of plug and play QuickSnap™ sampling modules are available for the ALPHA II.

Performance readiness is automatically guaranteed through permanent checks of the involved components and periodically performed test measurements verifying the specification of the ALPHA II system. For regulated pharmaceutical laboratories the ALPHA II has fully-automated test routines for operational qualification (OQ) and performance validation (PQ). Its software is compliant with 21CFRp11, and validation according to the US, European and Japanese Pharmacopeia is possible with optional, integrated NIST traceable standards. Its compact footprint, that of a lab book, makes it suitable for class rooms and teaching laboratories.

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