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HORIBA and Digital Surf launch graphYX software range

19 May 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

HORIBA Scientific and Digital Surf, creator of the Mountains® software platform for image and surface analysis in microscopy and metrology, have released graphYX, a new software range for users of HORIBA’s Raman spectroscopy solutions, comprising two product levels: graphYX and graphYX-3D.

graphYX is an app included in HORIBA’s LabSpec 6 software suite that allows users to highlight features of their samples by combining multimodal images obtained from SEM, Raman, CL, AFM, NanoRaman, EDX, EBSD, FT-IR and other techniques. It will be delivered as standard on instruments such as the HORIBA AFM-Raman and nanoGPS navYX. graphYX software, when combined with nanoGPS navYX, provides a complete solution for quickly relocating points of interest and overlapping map data on the sample surface. nanoGPS navYX is a multimodal and multiscale solution that facilitates sample study and collaboration between researchers using different analytical tools at different locations.

graphYX-3D adds 3D topographic image rendering for techniques such as AFM and AFM-Raman.