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Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science launches new Vulcan+ LIBS range

23 May 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Corporation has launched a new line of handheld laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analysers, the Vulcan+. The range sees updates to the existing Smart and Expert models, whilst a new Optimum+ model is added to the product line. The new Vulcan Optimum+ model has been optimised for analysing aluminium alloys. It features a new spectrometer, enabling the measurement of lithium in aluminium alloys and also capable of measuring boron–aluminium alloys. Boron and lithium are both elements that cannot be measured with any handheld X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyser.

The calibrations for the updated Vulcan Smart+ and Expert+ models have been revised and extended based on feedback from customers. New elements have been added and performance optimised. The Vulcan+ range continues to have advanced reporting direct from the instrument as well as the ExTOPE Connect mobile phone app and cloud connectivity for data transfer and storage.