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Compact OEM spectrometer platform for deep UV spectroscopy

1 September 2015 | Product
by Ian Michael

Ibsen Photonics has announced the new Freedom HR-DUV spectrometer platform for integrators of compact analytical and process control instruments. It uses a new transmission grating, developed and manufactured by Ibsen Photonics. In contrast to typical blazed gratings, this new grating provides high and nearly constant diffraction efficiency over the entire 178–409 nm range for both polarisations. Furthermore, the high resolution, small size and environmental robustness make the HR-DUV spectrometer ideal for applications like handheld and portable Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) instruments.

“With the introduction of the deep UV spectrometer, we are taking full advantages of the UV-transparency and high efficiency of our fused Silica transmission gratings”, says Thomas Rasmussen, VP of Sales and Marketing, and adds “No other grating technology can achieve this high and broadband efficiency”.