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Enhancements to Thermo Scientific Orbitrap GC-MS systems

24 October 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

Enhancements have been introduced to the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive GC Orbitrap and the Exactive GC Orbitrap, including the addition of Variable electron Voltage (VeV) technology, the Orbitrap GC-MS HRAM metabolomics library and the TraceFinder automated compound identification. VeV technology enables low electron voltage settings to be used during electron ionisation (EI) protocols, promoting high mass signals and providing high sensitivity for compounds prone to extensive fragmentation. The Orbitrap HRAM metabolomics library for electron ionisation (EI) metabolite identification has been streamlined. The library includes more than 800 metabolites and the spectra have been refined and curated with the elemental composition of each EI fragment verified. The new TraceFinder software features a specialised spectral deconvolution library and automated compound identification to enable identification of challenging compounds. Kovats retention index has been added to the scoring index of unknowns, increasing confidence in compound identification, especially in relation to isomeric compounds.