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Compact, affordable Raman spectrometer

21 June 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

Ocean Insight has introduced the Ocean HDX Raman spectrometer, a compact, high-performance spectrometer for 785 nm Raman excitation applications. The spectrometer has a spectral range of 150–3400 cm–1, is available with a 25 µm or 50 µm entrance slit and can be combined with a 785 nm laser, general-purpose probe and sample holder to create a modular Raman system. Applications range from authentication of spirits and analysis of cannabinoids, to identification of polymers and characterisation of pharmaceutical ingredients. The Ocean HDX Raman is available in high-throughput and high-resolution models. The Raman Wizard in the OceanView spectroscopy software simplifies startup. The Ocean HDX Raman is suitable for university teaching and research labs, and budget-limited start-ups. In addition, the Ocean HDX Raman can be integrated into other products, offering the advantages of small size and light weight, plus thermal stability and Ethernet connectivity.

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