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Hyperspectral imager

18 February 2015 | News
by Katie Michael

BaySpec’s OCI-UAV is an ultra-compact version of its OCI-Series Hyperspectral Imagers. The camera is designed specifically for use on unmanned aerial vehicles/systems (UAV/UAS) and similar platforms. The OCI-UAV has a miniature single-board-computer and acquires visible-near infrared hyperspectral data with continuous spectral and spatial coverage. The OCI-UAV design has significantly reduced the size (the camera head measures 8 × 6 × 6 cm and weighs approximately 180 g), and includes a computer, and faster data transfer rate (up to 120 fps) with automatic data capturing and processing. True push-broom (OCI-UAV-1000) and snapshot (OCI-UAV-2000) versions are available with computer and storage packaged together, specifically design for UAV/ROV applications. BaySpec also provides ready-to-fly hyperspectral total solutions.

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