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1000 compound DART library of drugs of abuse

4 October 2018 | News
by Ian Michael

IonSense has announced that in collaboration with Cayman Chemical they have built and validated a mass spectral database of 1000 compounds for the rapid screening of drugs of abuse using Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART®) mass spectrometry analysis. There is an increasing need for the rapid and accurate detection of emerging drugs of abuse, and this database includes the latest fentanyl-related compounds as well as opioids, cannabinoids, cathinones, benzodiazepenes and various designer drugs.

The database is built using certified referenced materials and analytical drug standards produced by Cayman Chemical. The compounds are analysed with a DART-equipped a Waters QDa® single-quadrupole mass spectrometer utilising in-source fragmentation, a form of collision-induced dissociation, to generate a collection of compound-related ions allowing for more confident identification.

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