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2022 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry

 17 January 2022 to 22 January 2022
United States
 [email protected]

The 2022 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry, 22nd in a series of biennial meetings, features developments in plasma spectrochemical analysis by inductively coupled plasma (ICP), dc plasma (DCP), microwave plasma (MIP), glow discharge (GDL, HCL), and laser sources (LA, LIBS, LAMIS).

Professional development short courses at introductory and advanced levels and manufacturers' seminars will be offered Friday through Tuesday, January 14 - 18. Spectroscopic instrumentation and accessories will be shown during a three-day exhibition from January 18 to 20, and workshops on New Plasma Instrumentation, Clinical ICP-MS, Isotope Analysis, Elemental Imaging and Mass Cytometry, and Elemental Speciation methodology will be presented Tuesday through Friday afternoons.

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