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17th annual Eigenvector University–EigenU 2023

 7 May 2023 to 12 May 2023
United States
 [email protected]

EigenU 2023 includes 16 short courses in chemical data science, i.e. chemometrics. This includes mathematical, statistical, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods as applied to problems in analysing data from chemistry and the life sciences.

Our Chemical Data Science Courses are aimed at chemists, life scientists and engineers who want to be able to analyze their own laboratory or process data, develop their own data models or develop instruments that produce analytical data. The courses are especially well suited for those with an interest in process analytical technology (PAT) in the pharmaceutical industries, metabolomics, and systems biology. The courses are also useful for those that manage staff that generate and analyze data. The courses serve individuals with a need for exploratory data analysis, development of predictive models such as analytical instrument calibrations, sample classification, soft sensor models, multivariate statistical process control (MSPC), fault detection, instrument standardization and sample classification. No prior knowledge is needed to begin Eigenvector University, although some knowledge of basic statistics and elementary linear algebra is useful.