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  • Special Section: Economic arguments for representative sampling
  • Tony Davies Column: Finding data in today’s information age
  • Product Focus on Raman Spectroscopy

  • HSI reveals Alzheimer’s through the eye
  • ATR/FT-IR key in medicine safety
  • Quality Matters: GxP pharmaceutical QA
  • Soil sampling project at former industrial site

  • Were the Great Pyramids made of concrete?
  • Raman study of interactions in multiferroics
  • SERS for energetic material detection
  • Four generations of quality: “measuring up”
  • Representative sampling: the economic case

  • LIBS for the geosciences
  • TD Column: Browser-based NMR data processing
  • Four generations of quality: “Don’t risk it”
  • Toward a theory of tumour sampling

  • Food integrity using spectral sensors
  • Hype in hyperspectral imaging
  • TD Column: FAIR practice
  • Four generations of quality: ISO
  • Sampling: can you trust your scales?

  • Coating systems of historic bowed instruments
  • Benchtop NMR spectroscopy
  • TD Column: FAIR enough?
  • Mini series: four generations of quality
  • Sampling errors

  • fNIRS shows chocolate is good for the brain
  • Atomic spectrometry traceable measurements
  • Virtual events: experience their future
  • More volume/weight fractions for calibrations
  • PCR: a new quality challenge
  • Quality management in the mining industry
  • Product Focus: Infrared Spectroscopy

The 20 most-read articles, columns, news, products and application notes in 2020.



  • Raman in the nuclear field
  • Software advances for 4D-Proteomics
  • Gold IS special: and needs special sampling
  • Remembering Bill George
  • GC-IMS breath test for COVID-19

  • SORS prevents waste of whisky
  • XRF of drug impurities to meet ICH Q3D
  • ICP-MS of macroelements in potable water 
  • Correct sampling of contaminated soil Part 2
  • Weights or measures for better calibration

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