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  • Forensic examination of glass evidence
  • Fluorescence in food studies
  • Synchrotron near-field IR spectroscopy

  • Lithium ion battery electrolytes
  • Screening for drugs
  • Nucleic acids by MALDI MS
  • Raman microspectroscopy

  • Spectroscopy for soil analysis
  • Shedding light on medieval manuscripts
  • Terahertz in cultural heritage

  • Understanding the influence of marine environments on Built Heritage
  • Synchrotron micro-FT-IR mapping of earthworm secretions
  • IR spectroscopy of traditonal Chinese medicine Si-Wu-Tang

  • IR spectroscopy to study plant cuticles
  • Dates and fates of pyrogenic carbon
  • Central spectroscopic data systems
  • Is your spectrometer in calibration
  • Sampling quality criteria
  • Pittcon Report 2016

  • Raman of biological pigments
  • Solid mixed matrices for MALDI


  • On-line monitoring of wastewater systems
  • Ambient surface analysis by PADI-MS
  • LIBS for surface hardness measurements

  • FT-IR of insect wing membranes
  • ICP-MS determines As and Hg in bird specimens
  • DART MS of polydimentylsiloxanes

  • Isotopic analysis
  • Combined in situ spectroscopic methods
  • IR ellipsometry

  • Mössbauer spectroscopy
  • Multispectral imaging
  • Raman spectroscopy

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