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Quality Matters Columns

Editors: Chris Burgess, John Hammond and Peter Jenks

The Quality Matters column is dedicated to issues around reference materials and standards, including the underlying regulations that are of great importance to the majority of laboratories. Read more about the Column Editors.


Peter J. Jenks

the Jenks Partnership, Newhaven House, Junction Road, Alderbury,Wiltshire SP5 3AZ, UK. E-mail: [email protected]

Peter J. Jenks, Robert D. Rucinski, Henryka Jerzak

Peter J. Jenks,a* Robert D. Rucinskib and Henryka Jerzakc

a“the Jenks’ Partnership”, Newhaven House,Alderbury, SP5 3AZ,UK
bRT Corporation, PO Box 1346, Laramie,Wyoming, USA
cInstytut Przemyslu Organicznego (IPO), ul.Annopol 6, PL-03 236 Warsaw, Poland

Issue 13/6 (2001)