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  • 27 Nov 2020

    The new Q4 TASMAN™ Series 2 is a versatile, high-performance spark-optical emission spectrometer for the metals industry.

    Bruker AXS GmbH
  • 12 Nov 2019

    Hitachi’s OE750 is a new optical emission spectrometer for verifying incoming materials specifications in metal processing facilities, covering the entire spectrum of elements in metal and has low detection limits.

    Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Corporation
  • 26 Jun 2019

    The new SPECTROLAB S arc/spark optical emission spectrometry analyser features proprietary CMOS+T technology.

    Spectro Analytical Instruments
  • 28 Mar 2018

    Spectro Analytical Instruments has announced a major upgrade to its SpectroTest arc/spark mobile metal analyser for applications in the metal producing, processing and recycling industries.

    Spectro Analytical Instruments
  • 20 Feb 2017

    Spectro Analytical Instruments’ new SpectroPort portable arc/spark optical emission spectroscopy metals analyser is as fast as a handheld XRF analyser.

    Spectro Analytical Instruments
  • 1 Oct 2011

    A new software module to enable high-precision and automated analysis of precious metals and high concentration elements is now available from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

    Thermo Fisher Scientific