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New OES analyser for complete metals analysis control

12 November 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical has introduced the OE750, a new optical emission spectrometer for verifying incoming materials specifications in metal processing facilities. It covers the entire spectrum of elements in metal and has low detection limits. New optical concepts, with four patents pending, using CMOS detector technology is behind the high level of optical resolution and large dynamic range of the OE750. As a result, this new analyser has a very wide wavelength range, meaning it can measure the entire range of elements within metals at low ppm levels. The analyser can meet the requirements of relevant standards and specifications, such as the ASTM E415 test method for carbon and low-alloy steel and ASTM E1086 the Standard Test Method for the analysis of Stainless Steel by Spark Atomic Emission Spectrometry.

One advantage of the OE750’s new optics design is the fast start-up time. The instrument is ready for use in less than an hour, thanks to the low volume occupied by the optics. This aids high throughput production, where facilities need to check 100 % of the material supplied. In addition to the new optics design, the OE750 has a new sealed spark stand with optimised laminar flow; this reduces argon consumption, reduces the likelihood of contamination and reduces maintenance requirements. A mid-pressure system with low-pressure argon purge cuts down the pump usage. This reduces the power consumption of the pump by 90 % and enables an oil-free design to be used, increasing reliability and instrument uptime.

In addition to new hardware, the new OE750 includes software such as the Hitachi GRADE Database that includes more than 12 million records for over 339,000 materials from 69 countries and standards. As an option it comes with a SPC/LIMS package enabling an easy an effective monitoring of processes involved with the instrument and the processes to be controlled with it. This can be used to meet demands from standards such as IATF 16949.

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