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X-505 handheld XRF from SciAps

13 February 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

SciAps has released the X-505—the second addition to its new product line of small, light handheld X-ray analysers. The X-505 is a high-performance analyser at a competitive price for users who do not need the speed on Al, Mg, Si, P and S of the premium NDT/PMI X-550 model. The SciAps X-505 has the same balanced ergonomic design, narrow nose and light weight as the X-550 released at the end of 2019, but it is slightly slower and less expensive than the premium model. With its state-of-the-art design and excellent heat handling, the X-505 can run all day long, even in the hottest climates, without requiring down time due to overheating. The X-505 weighs 2.8 lbs (1.27 kg) with the battery.

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