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Waters introduces new tandem quad mass spectrometer

20 August 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

Waters has added to its tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry portfolio with the introduction of the Xevo TQ-S cronos. This is a new, tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer designed for routine quantitation of large numbers of small-molecule organic compounds over a wide concentration range. It is suited to meet regulatory requirements for pesticide residue analysis, the monitoring for contaminants in processed foods, identifying drugs of abuse and performing impurity profiling of pharmaceuticals.The Xevo TQ-S cronos comes with many of the features of the Xevo product line, including the StepWave™ ion guide for long-lasting sensitivity and performance, tool-free probe maintenance and ionisation source cleaning, a choice of ionisation sources including UniSpray™ for analysing a broader range of compounds with greater ionisation efficiency, automated start up and system optimisation provided by IntelliStart™, simplified method development and transfer with Quanpedia™ and streamlined data review and processing with TargetLynx™ XS Software.

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