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Syft Technologies release next generation SIFT-MS

22 March 2023 | Product
by Ian Michael

Syft Technologies has released release its next generation Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS) technology, Syft Tracer™. This real-time, direct injection mass spectrometry (MS) offers platform advancements such as greater sensitivity, performance stability and high reproducibility and repeatability. Analytical workflows that require fast time to data, high throughput and continuous operation will benefit significantly from the Syft Tracer’s capabilities.

SIFT-MS is a form of direct mass spectrometry. It applies precisely controlled chemical ionisation reactions to detect and quantify trace amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inorganic gases. SIFT-MS delivers real-time, chromatography-free direct analysis of compounds that traditionally require intensive sample preparation. No sample preparation is required for even complex matrices and high-humidity samples. It analyses compounds that cannot be easily targeted by traditional chromatographic methods such as formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, ethylene oxide and nitrosamines. SIFT-MS is designed to be accessible to non-technical users and generates data that is easy to interpret.