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Spinsolve 90 benchtop NMR spectrometer

13 September 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

Magritek has added the new Spinsolve 90 MHz to its family of cryogen-free, benchtop NMR spectrometers. With a sensitivity higher than 240 : 1 (for 1 % ethyl benzene) and a resolution better than 0.4 Hz at 50 % and 16 Hz at 0.55 %, the Spinsolve 90 MHz has become the fastest benchtop system currently available. This model can measure 1H and 19F in one channel and an X nucleus of your choice (13C, 31P etc.) on the second channel. It comes with 3D PFG gradients optimised for gradient-enhanced methods and offers PFG gradient for diffusion spectroscopy (> 0.25 T m–1) as an option. For superior stability, the Spinsolve 90 is equipped with an external hardware lock that does not require deuterated solvents to work. This feature is particularly important when measuring samples dissolved in conventional protonated solvents since no additional sample preparation step is needed. Furthermore, it is key to enabling on-line reaction monitoring experiments, where the sample is simply pumped from the reactor to the NMR spectrometer for real-time analysis. The Spinsolve 90 MHz can be fully automated by including an automatic sample changer, which can handle up to 20 samples in its highly compact design.