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Software for mobile OES analysers

14 October 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science has introduced SpArcfire to its mobile optical emission spectrometry (OES) analyser range; this operating software is already available across Hitachi’s stationary spark OES range. The new interface has been optimised for touchscreens, and designed to maximise speed and efficiency for both simple and complex metals analysis tasks, removing the need for extensive training or highly experienced operators. SpArcfire software can help Hitachi OES instruments to complete all metals analysis tasks, including measuring unknown materials, identifying and verifying grades, creating customisable report templates, and performing and evaluating accuracy tests with control samples. Advanced users can edit and modify regression data to extend calibration ranges. SpArcfire software can also verify the status of the instrument, providing real-time monitoring and diagnostics on all systems parameters such as temperature, pressure and voltage inputs and outputs. This ensures essential analysis equipment can be kept operating at peak performance.