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scimaX magnetic resonance mass spectrometer

6 June 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

Bruker introduced the scimaX™ magnetic resonance mass spectrometer. The scimaX magnetic resonance mass spectrometer has mass resolution exceeding twenty million (R > 20,000,000), in a smaller footprint and without the need for any liquid cryogens. Bruker’s novel conduction-cooled Maxwell™ magnet technology essentially makes the magnet “invisible”, and allows the use of high-performance magnetic resonance mass spectrometry (MRMS) in standard MS laboratories. This MRMS resolution allows isotopic fine structure (IFS) analysis to easily determine exact elemental formulae in complex mixtures, without any chromatography. Using this capability, the scimaX enables the novel workflow of flow injection analysis (FIA-MRMS) for large cohort, high-throughput phenomics studies with up to 200 samples per day. Biopharma users can perform advanced native protein and fragment-based drug discovery studies using MRMS, which has recently been called a “bona-fide” platform for native protein analysis in the scientific literature. With an optional MALDI source, pharma customers have demonstrated the capabilities of MRMS for label-free MS imaging for PK/PD studies in drug development.