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PreOmics launches BeatBox for high-throughput tissue homogenisation

1 November 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

PreOmics has launched BeatBox, a new sample preparation tool for tissues and cells. BeatBox homogenises tissue and can process up to 96 tissue samples in 10 min from 1–5 mg of tissue, with no cross contamination. The BeatBox fits on a benchtop, is quiet and can be seamlessly integrated with PreOmics iST sample preparation workflows for mass spectrometry-based protein analysis. The PreOmics Tissue Homogenisation add-on kit uses proprietary coated GYUTO bead technology where only the GYUTO bead is in motion for the duration of the assay, which generates well homogenised samples from a wide variety of tissues and cells. The iST technology provides significant time savings as complex workflows requiring many different reagents are replaced by a single kit containing all standardised reagents.