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PicoQuant expands its hybrid photomultiplier detector line-up

12 April 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

PicoQuant has released two new single photon sensitive hybrid photo detector models with excellent temporal resolution for its PMA Hybrid Series. The PMA Hybrid 42 covers the visible range from 300 nm to 850 nm with a detection efficiency of up to 20%. The PMA Hybrid 07 is sensitive in the UV down to 220 nm with a maximum detection efficiency of up to 25% and also covers the visible spectrum. Like all detectors from the PMA Hybrid Series, the two new models are suited for time-resolved spectroscopy and microscopy applications due to their very good timing resolution, absence of afterpulsing and low dark counts. The high overload shutdown threshold of the PMA Hybrid modules make them suitable for rapidFLIM, PicoQuant's ultra fast fluorescence lifetime imaging approach.

All detector assemblies from the PMA Hybrid Series are ready-to-use modules with integrated Peltier cooling. As a special feature, these detectors have two signal outputs with either a negative voltage pulse for timing and counting applications and an analog output voltage proportional to the count rate.