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Peptide LC-MS workflow

22 March 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

Waters has introduced a new peptide multi-attribute method (MAM) workflow for their BioAccord™ LC-MS system, enabling the monitoring of the efficacy and safety of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and other protein-based drugs. The peptide MAM workflow for the BioAccord System monitors for product variants, product degradation and impurities, and process stability-indicating modifications. The BioAccord System consists of the ACQUITY™ UPLC™ I-Class Plus with the ACQUITY RDa™ mass detector. In addition to peptide MAM, the BioAccord System also features workflows for other routine analyses of biotherapeutics: peptide mapping, intact/subunit mass analysis, released glycan profiling and oligonucleotide mass confirmation.

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