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OMEGATOF fully integrated benchtop instrument for high-mass MALDI

11 June 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

CovalX has partnered with Shimadzu Scientific Instruments to offer the OMEGATOF, an integrated MALDI solution for ultra-high-mass detection, with a focus on the detection of large molecules including biotherapeutics, protein complexes, aggregates and antibody-antigen interactions in a benchtop footprint at an affordable price. The OMEGATOF combines the Shimadzu 8020 linear MALDI TOF mass spectrometer with the latest CovalX high-mass detection system capabilities. This new instrument has been designed with benchtop portability and quiet operation without compromising on sensitivity. This linear MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer combines easy transport and installation with the ability to detect macromolecules and complexes up to 1500 kDa. The OMEGATOF allows rapid sample introduction with a solid state 200 Hz laser and the FlexiMass™ series of microscope slide-format sample targets.

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