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OligoQuest RNA and oligonucleotide characterisation software

5 November 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

Bruker’s new OligoQuest software is part of the GLP-ready BioPharma Compass suite. It provides enhanced RNA, important for the increasing use of RNA-based pharmaceuticals, and oligonucleotide characterisation. OligoQuest uses the high isotopic fidelity from the maXis II and timsTOF Pro instruments to characterise nucleic acid macromolecules, such as single-guide RNA as well as their impurities. Furthermore, fast PASEF acquisition enables complex mixtures derived from digested mRNA samples to be mapped. OligoQuest offers algorithms and workflows to annotate tandem MS data from oligonucleotide sequences >100 nucleotides. OligoQuest has been co-developed with RiboDynamics.