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New Orbitrap mass spectrometer

5 June 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

The Thermo Scientific Q Exactive HF-X Hybrid Quadrupole Orbitrap mass spectrometer has improved depth of analysis, quantitative accuracy and reproducibility. It aims to provide sensitive, accurate and reproducible analyses of highly complex samples for various aspects of translational research and biopharma applications. This includes comprehensive proteome profiling and quantitation, biomarker discovery and verification, and full characterisation of complex biotherapeutics. For R&D scientists, the Q Exactive HF-X instrument delivers fast and accurate mass analysis, plus two-to-three-fold sensitivity improvements, delivering the same number of protein identifications in half of the time required for previous models. For biopharma scientists, the Q Exactive HF-X instrument provides up to eight times better signal-to-noise ratio for native, intact monoclonal antibody mass determination, glycoprofiling and purity checks.