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New metabolomics software and workflows

Bruker introduces its third-generation metabolomics research and validation solution, MetaboScape® 3.0, which has new features for discovery metabolomics, including support for direct-injection (DI) or MALDI Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS) for high-throughput phenomics translational research and validation. Innovations include a novel algorithm called Time-aligned-Region-complete-eXtraction (“T-ReX”), which automatically extracts all relevant information in sample cohorts in a “region complete” manner. Included in MetaboScape 3.0 are workflows that support evaluating high-throughput, chromatography-free DI-MRMS or MALDI-MRMS data, enabling two extreme mass resolution techniques that enable higher sample throughput for profiling complex metabolic extracts. The speed and high throughput of these MRMS methods yields advantages for validating larger sample cohorts, and enabling larger-scale longitudinal studies.


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