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New mass spectrometer series for high mass analysis

25 April 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

The Hiden Cluster series is a range of quadrupole mass spectrometry systems and components, developed specifically for high mass analysis that the analysis of nanoparticles requires. Systems include the 9 mm EPIC system, as well as the 20 mm DLS-20 system, for analysis of species up to 20,000 amu. Components include 9 mm and 20 mm pole diameter quadrupole assemblies with high-power RF operating at optimum frequency to accommodate high mass transmission required in cluster analysis. The Cluster series has precision tri-filter quadrupole assemblies, 90° ion beam deflector option and are air gauge tested for conformity.

Applications include nanoparticle analysis, molecular beam analysis, precursor and contaminant analysis for high mass species. Systems are equipped with Hiden’s multi-level software package, offering simple control of mass spectrometer parameters and complex manipulation of data and control of external devices. Multiple sampling configurations are offered to suit research requirements, EPIC and IDP systems offer mid axis potential for negative-ion detection and thermal desorption studies. The Cluster series are incorporated into the Plasma and SIMS analysis systems for plasma and surface characterisation. For pulsed deposition processes, time-resolved measurements are offered to 50 ns time resolution.