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New mass spectrometer from SepSolve Analytical

11 May 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

SepSolve Analytical has launched the BenchTOF2™, a next generation time-of-flight mass spectrometer for GC and GC×GC, that has enhanced sensitivity, improved spectral quality, heightened selectivity and an extended dynamic range. The new BenchTOF2 is small and compact and can be coupled with all popular GCs, as well as being ideal for GC×GC. It is also fully certified for use with hydrogen carrier gas. The BenchTOF2™ has detection limits of less than 20 fg, improved match factors and isotope abundancies, mass accuracy of less than 50 ppm and advanced software that includes innovations such as isotope overlays, tools for automated filtering of chromatograms and a mass-to-formula calculator. It also benefits from a dynamic range spanning five orders of magnitude. Furthermore, the BenchTOF2 incorporates SepSolve Analytical’s patented Tandem Ionisation®, which offers simultaneous hard- and soft-ionisation in order to simplify structural elucidation.

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