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New handheld Raman analyser from Rigaku for chemical threat identification

4 September 2018 | Product
by Ian Michael

Rigaku Analytical Devices has announced its next generation 1064 nm handheld Raman analyser, the Rigaku ResQ CQL. It has improved ergonomics, analytical performance and sample presentation for analysis of powders, liquids, gels and mixtures—even in non-visible amounts. Its standard library contains over 13,000 chemicals, including explosives, chemical warfare agents (CWAs), precursors, hazardous chemicals, narcotics, cutting agents, pesticides and steroids. There are also the added capabilities to upgrade, transfer and translate entries. By utilising 1064 nm Raman excitation, users are able to reduce sample fluorescence and identify coloured substances or scan through coloured packaging.

Additional features include an on-board 5 MP camera for imaging, colorimetrics analysis or barcode scanning; an LED flashlight for optimal sample visibility; a Quick Scan button for faster scans; 4C Technology for precursor monitoring; optional QuickDetect automated colorimetric for non-visible detection; periscope adaptor for sampling flexibility; connectivity via WiFi, peer-to-peer or USB; tamper-proof reports; and Li-PO rechargeable or CR123 disposable batteries.