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New fragmentation option for Waters Cyclic IMS system

29 June 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Waters has introduced the electron capture dissociation (ECD) fragmentation technique for its SELECT SERIES™ Cyclic™ IMS system, through a partnership with e-MSion, Inc. ECD is an electron-based fragmentation technology that, combined with ion mobility mass spectrometry and collision induced dissociation (CID) available with the Cyclic IMS System, gives scientists improved sequence coverage for native proteins and surrogate peptides and additional structural information about larger proteins that might not have been possible before. The Waters™ Cyclic IMS System can perform scalable ion mobility separations and is also capable of IMSn experiments (e.g. selecting an ion by IMS, fragmenting the ion, selecting a particular fragment by IMS and repeating the process) which derives detailed structural information about a single analyte.

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