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New Cloud-based solutions for metabolomics and proteomics

5 June 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

New cloud-based software applications, for proteomics and genomics research and applied markets, are now available through the Thermo Fisher Connect cloud-based platform. These applications include scientific data analysis and storage, remote instrument access and collaboration tools.

  • The Sample Profiler application helps identify unknown compounds in high-resolution accurate mass spectrometry sample data. It enables scientists to compare data against a database of representative compound profiles to determine trends and differences for a range of applications.
  • The new Pathway Over-representation application helps proteomics researchers detect significant pathways within genes or proteins. Statistical analyses detect pathways that are either over- or under-represented.
  • The new Omics Comparator allows users to rapidly identify overlap and uniqueness when comparing protein or gene lists.
  • Available as both a cloud and mobile app, the new MS Instrument Connect enables researchers to monitor their LC-MS and GC-MS analyses remotely. Providing real-time updates, the app features an intuitive, at-a-glance dashboard display, detailed real-time instrument view, e-mail notifications of sequence progress and error logs.