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Markes International launches new sample preparation platform

22 March 2023 | Product
by Ian Michael

Markes International is launching a new addition to its automated sample preparation platform, Centri®. Centri 90 is an automated sample preparation, extraction and concentration platform for the GC–MS analysis of VOCs/SVOCs in solids, liquids and gases. Centri-90 delivers sensitivity and enhanced productivity for routine headspace, SPME and SPME Arrow applications. The new Centri 90 is a smaller, modular, entry-level, instrument that complements the high-sensitivity and high-flexibility capabilities of the existing Centri platform. Markes’ proprietary cryogen-free trapping technology maximises the sensitivity of these techniques and makes Markes’ product unique. The Centri 90 platform can be upgraded, at any time, to add thermal desorption and high-capacity sorptive extraction capabilities.

Markes’ Multi-Gas technology is in-built in Centri 90, enabling the instrument to be used with either helium, nitrogen or hydrogen as carrier gases. It’s been independently certified for safe use with hydrogen, which delivers faster chromatographic speeds, and lowers the cost-of-ownership and maximising return-on-investment. The instrument also has automated system leak checks and innovative diagnostics and has an automated gas-phase internal standard addition – a requirement for compliance with some standard methods.