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High-throughput screening mass spectrometry

11 February 2022 | Product
by Ian Michael

Bruker has introduced the timsTOF MALDI PharmaPulse® (timsTOF MPP) system, a new high-end solution for unbiased, deep HTS and uHTS based on label-free mass spectrometry. The new timsTOF MPP is now the flagship of Bruker’s MALDI PharmaPulse product family which started with the launch of the rapifleX MPP, a MALDI-TOF-based label-free uHTS solution, in 2017. The timsTOF MPP now uses Bruker’s Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry (TIMS) technology. TIMS enables rapid gas-phase separation of isobars, and even isomers, by exploiting the molecular collisional cross-section. This, in combination with routine 50,000 mass resolution at full speed with QTOF-MS detection enables high levels of assay specificity at HTS speed.

The timsTOF MPP features a dual MALDI/ESI ion source with a 10 kHz smartbeam™ 3D laser to enable uHTS compatible speed and throughput, and is available with the MALDI-2 option for an expanded chemical space. As part of the timsTOF MPP solution, the new MALDI PharmaPulse® 2023 software supports a broad range of HTS applications for drug discovery. Its automation interface allows for timsTOF MPP integration in high throughput environments and works in concert with common scheduling software packages from various vendors. Furthermore, MPP 2023 features seamless transfer of data and results to downstream analysis software, e.g., to Genedata Screener®.