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High-end triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

10 June 2020 | Product
by Ian Michael

Shimadzu has released the LCMS-8060NX triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, which has improvements in ease-of-use and robustness. The LCMS-8060NX offers high sensitivity and detection speed, and includes internal mechanical improvements to promote sample ionisation. The new IonFocus unit reduces instrument contamination by guiding ions to the interior more efficiently and removing unwanted components. In addition, more robust components are used in ion-focusing, enabling more reliable analysis. The LCMS-8060NX therefore offers both higher sensitivity analysis and lower downtime.

The system includes several “Analytical Intelligence” functions to maximise analysis throughput and improve the operational efficiency and productivity of the entire workflow, from preparations for analysis through to data processing. For example, the LCMS-8060NX includes a new ionisation unit that is capable of high-sensitivity analysis without the need for complicated adjustments and enables more efficient method development, as well as functions to start up or shut down analytical instruments automatically in combination with a Shimadzu Nexera LC system.

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