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Fibre optic multiplexer for NIR spectrometers

16 January 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

Galaxy Scientific has introduced a fibre optic multiplexer for use with NIR spectrometers, which allows a single spectrometer to automatically switch between up to ten different sampling devices. This enables NIR measurements from multiple sampling points or multiple product streams. It is designed to accept standard SMA905 low-OH optical fibre inputs (commonly used for connecting a NIR spectrometer to a process probe) and is designed to switch 600 µm solid core fibre. Smaller core fibre or larger core fibre bundles are also compatible. The multiplexer is factory configurable at the time of order to have any number of channels between 2 and 10 and more channels can be added after purchase. The unit can be placed close to the sample points and distant from the spectrometer, reducing the cost of long fibre optic runs while still protecting sensitive instrumentation.