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Automatic sample injection system

29 March 2021 | Product
by Ian Michael

Shimadzu has released the AOC-30 series of automatic sample injection systems for GC and GC/MS instruments. The new AOC-30 series helps ensure that anyone can operate the instrument and obtain expert-level results for routine analysis work in pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental fields. “Analytical Intelligence” functionality relieves operators from organisational, input and processing tasks. Functionality is included to support working from home or remotely, and includes features such as checking of system status and performing operations for everything from starting up the system to finishing analysis.

The AOC-30 series has several upgrade options. The AOC-30i Single Tower autoinjector carries 30 samples and provides intelligent wash possibilities with 4 different solvents. The AOC-30i Dual Tower features higher sample-throughput by simultaneous injection with two autoinjectors on one GC-2030. The combined AOC-30i autoinjector and AOC-20sU sampler cover an increased capacity of 150 vials.