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Automated protein sample preparation for MS

28 May 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

PreOmics has launched PreON, their first automation system, which has been built to provide reproducible, robust and sensitive sample preparation of samples for mass spectrometry-based protein analysis. It automates the use of the company’s iST and iST-NHS kits. Every step of the PreON workflow is also traceable for use in regulated laboratory environments. The PreON can process 4–12 samples in less than 3 hours and has an onboard heated shaker that can run at 10–2000 rpm with a heating range up to 70 °C. Other automated features include a swing-out centrifuge (max. 12,000 g), pipetting over the 10–200 µL range and cartridge gripper. PreON is a bench top device (H 81 cm, W 65 cm, D 62 cm, Weight 71.5 kg.

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