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Bruker announces the release of TargetScreener 3.0HR (high-resolution), which includes TASQ™ 1.4 (Target Analysis for Screening and Quantitation) software to provide a unified software platform for automated screening and quantitative applications in forensic, food and environmental safety markets. Bruker also launches the Toxtyper 2.0E solution for routine, high-throughput forensic toxicology with further improved capabilities and database updates to enhance productivity. Further improvements in the new Toxtyper 2.0E solution integrate Bruker’s newly launched line of Elute UHPLC liquid chromatography systems. With an expanded curated toxicology screening database and new automated software for LIMS sample table I/O, automated parallel processing with TASQ, and automated reporting of results, these solutions enable increased throughput while minimising false positives and increasing confidence for routine “push-button” forensic toxicology.


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