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Agilent introduces LC/MS system for chromatographers

4 June 2019 | Product
by Ian Michael

Agilent Technologies has introduced the InfinityLab LC/MSD iQ System that incorporates “designed-in” smart features, software and hardware developed specifically for chemists and chromatographers. The instrument incorporates intelligent instrument health monitoring; embedded sensors gather and display data allowing a quick assessment of the system’s readiness, status and configuration. The instrument incorporates features such as a system suitability check that uses a test mixture designed to permit an overall assessment of the whole LC/MS system before the collection of data. An early maintenance feedback feature allows lab managers to plan routine maintenance on the lab's schedule resulting in a focus on overall productivity. The InfinityLab LC/MSD iQ system is designed to sit beneath a stack of Agilent's InfinityLab HPLC instruments. It is designed to be serviced without dismantling the stack.

Accompanying the launch of the LC/MSD iQ is a new release of Agilent’s MassHunter WalkUp Software for open-access drug discovery and chemistry labs, developed side-by-side with medicinal chemists. This new version has a touch-screen enabled interface and preconfigured analyses and reports that further streamlines simple sample submission and requires virtually no training to use.

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