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Funding for hyperspectral imaging satellite company

10 February 2022 | News
by Ian Michael
Visible and hyperspectral images of Earth from space

Canadian hyperspectral imaging satellite company, Wyvern, has received a CAD $4M investment from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), an foundation created by the Government of Canada to fund technologies with economic and environmental benefits. The investment is tied to a 3-year project that includes support from xarvio® Digital Farming Solutions, a brand of BASF Digital Farming GmbH.

“Wyvern’s technology is addressing a major gap in the market”, said Leah Lawrence, President and CEO of SDTC. “Their imaging products are going to help farmers use less fertiliser, pesticides and water and help produce bigger yields. SDTC is proud to support Wyvern in their mission to increase the productivity and sustainability of Canadian farmlands.”

The funding from the SDTC will help Wyvern reach a significant milestone: the launch of their DragonEye satellite. Wyvern’s proprietary deployable optics technology is key to their ability to deliver affordable high resolution hyperspectral imagery, including 1 m VNIR and 5 m SWIR, in the coming years. DragonEye will be Wyvern’s first satellite equipped with this innovative technology that unfolds a telescope in space, similar to the James Webb telescope launched in late 2021.

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