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Emerging applications in mass spectrometry imaging; enablers and roadblocks

23 November 2020 | News
by Ian Michael

Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) is a powerful and versatile technique able to investigate the spatial distribution of multiple non-labelled endogenous and exogenous analytes simultaneously, within a wide range of samples. Over the last two decades, MSI has found widespread application for an extensive range of disciplines including pre-clinical drug discovery, clinical applications and human identification for forensic purposes. Technical advances in both instrumentation and software capabilities have led to a continual increase in the interest in MSI; however, there are still some limitations. In this review, we discuss the emerging applications in MSI that significantly impact three key areas of mass spectrometry (MS) research—clinical, pre-clinical and forensics—and roadblocks to the expansion of use of MSI in these areas.

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C. Russo, C. Heaton, L. Flint, O. Voloaca, S. Haywood-Small, M.R. Clench, S. Francese and L.M. Cole, “Emerging applications in mass spectrometry imaging; enablers and roadblocks”, J. Spectral Imaging 9, a13 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1255/jsi.2020.a13

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