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Online Course: School of Multivariate Analysis in Genoa

 18 January 2021 to 22 January 2021

The Research Group of Analytical Chemistry and Chemometrics, of the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Genoa, organizes in Genoa a one week school of Chemometrics dedicated to multivariate analysis. The school provides the necessary theoretical background, giving special emphasis to the practical aspects related to the development and the application of chemometric strategies.

A preliminary session, with optional attendance, will be dedicated to the basics of univariate statistics. Besides the theoretical lessons, hands-on-computer sessions will be performed by using the CAT free software

For practical reasons, participants will be expected to have their own laptop (indications concerning the preparation of the laptop will be provided after confirmation of registration). The School of Multivariate Analysis introduces and deepens the main multivariate data analysis techniques. The main topics discussed are Principal Component Analysis (its diagnostics and its applications in multivariate quality control and multivariate process monitoring will also be treated, together with an introduction on N-way PCA), Classification and Class Modelling Techniques (mainly, KNN, LDA, QDA and SIMCA), Multivariate Calibration Techniques (mainly, MLR and PLS).

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