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INSERM Workshop: Mass Spectrometry for Structural Biology-PHASE 2 - Technical Workshop (HDX-MS)

 30 November 2020 to 1 December 2020
 [email protected]

This workshop will present the fundamental and applied aspects of Mass Spectrometry-based structural techniques, as well as data analysis procedures. State-of-the-art lectures will be given by experts in the field, destined to both non-MS and MS specialists.

Phase II is a technical workshop giving hands-on experiments to apply main fundamental aspects developed during Phase 1 of the workshop.

Three different training are proposed together with dedicated bioinformatics tools for data analysis:

  • Native and Ion Mobility MS to analyse multiproteic and ligand binding complexes (IGF, Montpellier, November 23-24 2020).
  • Top-Down MS to identify proteoforms from an immunoprecipitation (IPBS, Toulouse, November 16-17 2020).
  • HDX-MS to study the deuteration of standard proteins (IPHS, Strasbourg ,November 30-December 1, 2020).
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