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Advancing Mass Spectrometry for Biophysics and Structural Biology–AMS 2023

 23 July 2023 to 26 July 2023
United States
 [email protected]

This conference will take place in Austin and we look forward to broad participation and sharing of the latest and greatest advances in biophysical science, native mass spectrometry, new structural biology methods, and many related frontiers. We hope we will encourage colleagues or group members to take advantage of this great opportunity to encourage interactions, develop new collaborations, and explore new areas in the biophysics, structural biology, and native MS domains.

Topics covered include:

  • New biophysical methods
  • Native MS and structural biology
  • Advances in instrumentation
  • Nucleic acid interactions
  • Beyond proteomics—proteoforms
  • Single ion methods and charge detection
  • Computational strategies
  • Molecular interactome
  • Biotherapeutics and vaccines
  • Structural proteomics


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