Spectroscopy Since 1975


Changing scales with Fourier transformation [Lesson 3 of matrix algebra (matrix multiplication)]

A.M.C. Davies, Tom Fearn

In the last column, we showed how we could perform Fourier transformation (FT) of a near-infrared (NIR) spectrum in a few lines of matrix algebra and said that in this column we would use it in a novel way. The task we are going to perform is that of changing scales of spectroscopic (NIR) data. This may be novel, we are not aware that anyone else does it this way, but of course instrument manufacturers sometimes like to be silent about the methods they employ.

Tony Davies Column  |  Issue 12/6 (2000)

The TDeious way of doing Fourier transformation (Lesson 2 of matrix algebra)

A.M.C. Davies, Tom Fearn

At the end of the last column we promised that this time we would show how matrix algebra can be used for real computational tasks. The chosen task is Fourier transformation (FT) of a near infrared (NIR) spectrum. Those who know Tony Davies will not be surprised at this choice of subject but in the third lesson the reason for wanting to do the obvious will become apparent.

Tony Davies Column  |  Issue 12/4 (2000)