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Uvisel Plus reference ellipsometer for thin film measurements

11 July 2017 | Product
by Ian Michael

Horiba Scientific has introduced the new Uvisel Plus, a modular ellipsometer for thin film samples. New acquisition technology, FastAcq, is based on a new electronic data processing and high speed monochromator, and enables a sample measurement from 190 nm to 2100 nm to be completed within 3 min at high resolution. The spectral resolution can be adjusted along the measurement range, enabling a sample to be scanned faster. The Uvisel Plus also introduces a new calibration procedure, delivering faster performance and accuracy. Features for thin film measurements include microspots for patterned samples down to 50 µm, variable angle from 40° to 90°, an automatic horizontal mapping stage and a variety of accessories. The spectral range from 190 nm to 2100 nm is covered by two configurations: 190–920 nm and a NIR extension up to 2100 nm.

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